If Michael Daley really is so obsessed with stadiums he might want to join a gymnastics team because he is an expert at backflips. I wasn't going to write about the Sydney Football Stadium because it's a Labor distraction that exposes their complete lack of policies, but news broken by Andrew Clennell of The Australian on 15 March 2019 shows how untrustworthy Michael Daley truly is. Daley made an entire political campaign denouncing the stadium upgrades, and now announces that he is, in fact, going to rebuild the Sydney Football Stadium.

He is trying to keep some policy difference by saying that he will do it cheaper. 

Someone who is willing to break their signature campaign promise so flagrantly cannot be allowed to win office.

Sadly, Labor need 13 seats seats to win a majority. They have their sights set on Coogee, which is why I will work every waking hour to make sure they don't get their hands on a seat they neglected from 1974 to 2011.